Opera Titles

The history of modern opera titles are as rich and varied as the thousands of operas composed during the last 400 years. From the innovations of the Camerata, opera titles has continually been reinventing itself, the result of ingenious visions of creative artists, who recognized the emotive power of the art form: that words evoke thought, but music provokes feelings. Opera titles are the sublime fusion of words, music, and all the theatrical arts; it is powerful theater providing an impact on one’s sensibilities that can reach into the very depths of the human soul.

Opera titles modern history is a saga about musical and dramatic geniuses with agendas and missions: heroic figures in the history of the art form who were relentless in their pursuit of an ideal, and initiated transformations that became legendary and indelible contributions to the growth of the art form.

A complete and detailed history of opera titles and its composers and innovators would be monumental in scope. As such, this text is intended to explore those significant moments in opera history when innovations and transformations altered the course of opera history. The opera titles or aficionados are urged to use this text as a guideline: an inspiration to explore those great transformations in more comprehensive depth and detail from the wealth of scholarly works available.